Hi Doug or anyone else,

Do you know of any distributions that work with KfW that have a version
of plink that doesn't always open a Windows console window? I know that
Quest (formerly Vintella?) has a version that does this, but it only
supports SSPI.

I want to be able to use svn+ssh from within Eclipse, on a machine that
is not in a Windows domain, without having the system flash open a large
number of console windows while I am either checking file out or in.

The Quest distribution of Putty works well for this purpose when I am
using a machine that is in a Windows domain.


Douglas E. Engert wrote:
> Stephen Frost wrote:
>> * Jonathan Barber (j.barber@dundee.ac.uk) wrote:
>>> We don't have any particular preference WRT ssh clients, putty was just
>>> choosen as our test as it's what we have used in the past.

>> This thread got me curious, and it appears that ~2 months ago, GSSAPI
>> support was committed to the PuTTY subversion tree. Anyone tried it?

> Thanks for the tip. I too have complained for years about this, and
> it nice to see the PuTTY people are adding GSSAPI.
> This was the easies shared source Windows build I have seen!
> I did an svn checkout on Unix to a shared file system (AFS) ran the
> ./mkfiles.pl on Unix, then from XP in their windows directory
> nmake -f Makefile.vc (Visual Studio 8)
> As compared to http://sweb.cz/v_t_m/#putty, they did
> change the names of some flags in the registry. GssapiFwd was GSSAPIFwdTGT,
> GSSAPIServerRealm is not defined. But these are minor.
> And it works!
> The v_t_m version could use either the Microsoft SSPI, or the MIT GSSAPI
> as implemented bi the MIT gssapi32.dll. The new PuTTY only does SSPI
> so there are some implications if you are trying to use this from a
> non-windows domain machine. (But runas could be used.)
>> I'd love to move off of all of these hacked/patched versions of PuTTY
>> that are floating around. We're currently using
>> http://sweb.cz/v_t_m/#putty but in the past we've used a variety of
>> things. :/
>> Thanks!
>> Stephen
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