Greetings list,
I am trying to build kerberos-1.6.3 on an AIX 5.3 platform using
--enable-dns --enable-dns-for-kdc --enable-dns-for-realm. It would
appear that the ./configure script is not finding -lresolv in AIX.
However, this seems to work fine on my Linux systems which seem to
function properly with --enable-dns and are able to find -lresolv
provided by glibc. I've tried symlinking libresolv.a to libc.a on the
AIX system, but I still get the same error from kerberos after
rebuilding when I try to use kinit with a realm who's KDC SRV records
are published in DNS.

Is there any workaround to be able to use --enable-dns on systems,
like AIX, without -lresolv? Or am I missing something?

Thanks in advance.