> Also, I thank you very much if you send me the doument of copyright
> of kerberos or know me the exact homepage about that.

The copyright and legal notices for each release are present in the
README file for that release. For the krb5-1.6.3 release, you may
find them here:


It seems that we need to make this information more prominent. As a
general query to people on this list/newsgroup, which of the following
changes are desirable?

* Remove most copyright notices from README, and place in a separate
COPYRIGHT file at the top level of distributions.

* Add links to README file of each release on the downloads page.

* Create a web page that contains the main MIT Kerberos copyright
notice, with a link to the README or COPYRIGHT file (whichever we
end up with) of the current release for copyright details including
the full text of licenses from contributors.

Tom Yu
Development Manager
MIT Kerberos Consortium