"Markus Moeller" writes:

> I understand that you need to keep the sequencing and in my case it is the
> case. Child 2 will always start after child 1 has finished. So there is a
> clear flow order which is just handled by different processes, why I thought
> I can re-export/re-import the context. Unfortunately it is an existing
> application and not that easy to completely rewrite.

It sounds like you are experiencing a problem with sequence number
state when you are doing (in serial order):

* Exporting context1 from a parent
* Importing context1 into child1
* Sending wrap token from child1
* Exporting context2 from child1
* Importing context2 into child2
* Sending wrap token from child2

and child2 is producing an incorrect sequence number.

If this is the case, I would consider it to be a bug. Would you be
willing to provide additional details about this problem? What GSS
library and what release?