As I understand it, MIT Kerberos provides for the following password

(1) The length of the password
(2) The number of character classes it contains, where available
character classes are
- Lowercase letters
- Uppercase letters
- Numbers
- Punctuation
- Other Characters

I'm interested in exactly what characters comprise the Punctuation and
Other Characters classes.

I would assume the the Punctuation class is explicitly defined in a
source file, though I haven't had any luck tracking down which source file.
Is this accurate? and if so, which source file?

Is the Other Characters class also explicitly defined? or is it just
any character that is not included in one of the other four classes?
If the latter, is there any restriction on what characters can/cannot be
included in a password?

The underlying question I'm looking into is "Which special characters
are allowed in passwords?


- Tim Metz