Hi All,

I was actually interested in implementing a web SSO solution for my
environment. I have five applications -- all web applications, so a web SSO
is needed -- and three run off of Windows, while the other two are Unix and
Linux. Since they are web apps, it won't matter from where they are run

I wanted to use Kerberos to authenticate the user. After research, I
thought this would make sense. I saw some suggestions using CoSign or
WebAuth. I can't use WebAuth because it is only for Linux, and CoSign is
written for Apache (but there are ISAPI filters i guess for IIS) and I am
running off of Microsoft IIS.

Hopefully this is on the right track. I know that using Kerberos for web
SSO is definitely quite difficult, but I would like for it to be
implemented. If any of you have suggestions or any advice, I would
appreciate it.

Thanks in advance.