I am using mod_auth_kerb module( for apache webserver ) for
authentication.I am facing the following issues(*Issue (1) and Issue (2)) as
described below-*
*I also attaching the word document detailing the issues*

Apache server is in –Redhat Enterprise linux 5.0

KDC –in Redhat Enterprise linux 5.0

I have installed and configure


apache 2.2.8

mod_auth_kerb 2.3

*1)*Apache with SSL is working fine and I am able to access https:\\

As per given in the INSATLL file of mod_auth_kerb we have done the settings
of IE and mozilla

as -- For Mozilla - I typed "about:config" in the URL bar and then set the
value of "network.negotiate-auth.trusted-uris" to https://ruchita.com

It then prompted me for username and password

I entered my Kerberos username and password and enter

*Issue (1)-->* After entering the details (username and password) it again
prompted for the username and password.

*2)* For IE also i did the settings as given in n the INSATLL file of

I went to "Local intranet"

Also edited the file- WINDOWS->system32->drivers->etc->host

And added my linux machine(where the apache server is ) ip and its name in

As ruchita.com

*Issue (2)*

Now ,when I m trying to access http://ruchita.com, the output coming is

Internal Server Error

Also while accesing https://ruchita.com ,the output is

Page cannot be displayed

I will be highly thankful if someone can guide me for the same