I'm sort of confused here. First, I don't think there are any
officially defined C++ bindings for the GSSAPI. Then again, I'm not
an expert in this area. [1]

But more to the point, you're in a C++ environment -- you can call "C"
APIs without any difficulty (assuming you obey ISO C conventions, and
you don't let your C++ training interfere (testing against 0 instead
of NULL, etc).

What am I missing?


[1] I will say, however, that I've implemented a loose set of C++ APIs
for using the GSSAPI -- these interfaces were based loosely off the
JGSS, at least in terms of their structure. They formed a simple
facade around the C bindings, and the implementation of these
interfaces made direct calls on the C APIs. All they really provided
was some C++-style state and memory management -- nothing spectacular
to write home about, and clearly not rocket science. Unfortunately,
this code is not my property, so I can't share it.

On May 30, 2008, at 6:24 AM, Tadoori (EXT), Vilas wrote:

> I have searched on internet for the C++ bindings for GSSAPI so these
> can
> be included in our code.
> But unfortunately they are not available. We need some exprt opinion
> in
> the following...
> 1) Are C++ bindings available for GSSAPI.
> 2) If they are not, how could I put the C bindings of GSSAPI in my C++
> code on the server.