This is basically an (two tier)client server model where the server is
on an C++ platform and the client is on an Java platform.
We are in the process where we have identified the milestone for the
project that we would be changing the code on the server where the calls
to the server would be handled by GSSAPI before talking to a Kerberos
server to get a ticket.

I have searched on internet for the C++ bindings for GSSAPI so these can
be included in our code.
But unfortunately they are not available. We need some exprt opinion in
the following...

1) Are C++ bindings available for GSSAPI.
2) If they are not, how could I put the C bindings of GSSAPI in my C++
code on the server.

The code that I would like to incorporate is, talk to the Kerberos
server v5 and get the ticket and pass it on the same to the client.
In the process all the GSSAPI calls related like
Initiating the context-between server and client
Establishing the context-between server and client.
Exchanging/Acknowledging the messages between the server and client

the above points should not be lost.

I would really be appreciate if you can help us with your expert opinion
on the same. Awaiting your reply...


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Sorry for the delay. I was hoping someone with more real-world GSSAPI/
C++ programming experience would reply.

> We are in the process of making our application an gssapi compliant. I

> would like to know the software necessary to do the same.Our server is

> running on suze 9.X and would like to install the kerberos v5 on the
> same machine. The server code is already in C++ and in order to make
> it an GSSAPI compliant we need to inlcude the gssapi libraries. could

> you specify the path from where i need or can download these
> libraries As per the requirement eitther MIT or hemidal is fine...but

> when i say include ...and building my code where
> would the compiler look for these header files.

If MIT Kerberos isn't available via the OS packaging system, you can
visit and download sources from there.

One thing to be careful of: While we've tried to make our GSSAPI headers
compatible with C++ (e.g., 'extern "C"' around all the function
declarations), it is a C API. We intend to keep future versions
reasonably backwards-compatible in terms of the C API and ABI, but that
doesn't necessarily apply to C++ if you do something "interesting". In
practical terms, I suggest you avoid depending on the specific type
definitions used for GSSAPI types -- that is, avoid depending on whether
we use int vs long for a given 32-bit type if both are 32 bits, don't
use GSSAPI types in function signatures in your ABI (because the name
encoding would depend on the typedef), stuff like that.

> I would also appreciate if there is a working example on c++, on the
> internet I have seen the GSSAPi programming guide written in c.

Sorry, I can't help you there...