Hi Turbo,

Thanks for the link...
I am able to link ldap and kerberos, I can add principals from kadmin and
they get added in ldap.

But one problem still remains.
I want to mix in Kerberos principal attributes to a directory entry of the
people objectclass which has usserPassword. I want this password to be used
by kdc.

Is such a thing possible? I went through the schema and found that
'krbUPEnabled' helps in achieving this but how can one set this attribute.

I am fairly new to this kerberos and ldap stuff so excuse me if I ask
something thats silly.

If someone has to automate the process of adding principals what are the
possible solutions?
Using scripts? Is that a good way ?

Thanks and Regards,

On Thu, May 29, 2008 at 1:45 AM, Turbo Fredriksson wrote:

> >>>>> "gaurav" == gaurav bagga writes:

> gaurav> Hi all, I am trying to integrate Kerberos and Ldap but not
> gaurav> happy with what I have achieved till now.I'll really
> gaurav> appreciate if any one can help/guide by giving pointers
> gaurav> towards *good articles *which give information regarding
> gaurav> the steps to be performed in doing the same.
> Have a look at http://bayour.com/LDAPv3-HOWTO.html