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> Any takers on my question?
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> Dear All,
> We are in the process of making our application an gssapi compliant. I
> would like to know the software necessary to do the same.Our server is
> running on suze 9.X and would like to install the kerberos v5 on the
> same machine. The server code is already in C++ and in order to make it
> an GSSAPI compliant we need to inlcude the gssapi libraries. could you
> specify the path from where i need or can download these libraries As
> per the requirement eitther MIT or hemidal is fine...but when i say
> include ...and building my code where would the
> compiler look for these header files.

When looking for #include <...> the compiler looks in the locations
defined by the -I option as well as some well know locations like /usr/include.
If you are using gcc or g++ add the -v option so see these.

for example: g++ -v -c main.C

> I would also appreciate if there is a working example on c++, on the
> internet I have seen the GSSAPi programming guide written in c.

Sorry, din;t have an examples, but you might also want to look at
the Microsoft SSPI that uses the GSS protocols, and how SSPI is
called from C++.

You might also look at the Grid Security Infrastructure, that
implements a GSS like mechanisum. It is called using the GSS-API.
There has been a lot of C++ uses with the grid over the years,
and maybe there is a C++ class for GSS.


has a question on using C++ and GSSAPI, but no answers. (The bug looks
like passing an uninitialized server_creds variable.) The point is
the author has an acquire cred routine, and maybe more.

> Any help on the same would be greatly appreciated.
> Thanks
> Vilas
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