Sorry for the delay. I was hoping someone with more real-world GSSAPI/
C++ programming experience would reply.

> We are in the process of making our application an gssapi compliant. I
> would like to know the software necessary to do the same.Our server is
> running on suze 9.X and would like to install the kerberos v5 on the
> same machine. The server code is already in C++ and in order to make
> it
> an GSSAPI compliant we need to inlcude the gssapi libraries. could
> you
> specify the path from where i need or can download these libraries As
> per the requirement eitther MIT or hemidal is fine...but when i say
> include ...and building my code where would the
> compiler look for these header files.

If MIT Kerberos isn't available via the OS packaging system, you can
visit and download sources from there.

One thing to be careful of: While we've tried to make our GSSAPI
headers compatible with C++ (e.g., 'extern "C"' around all the
function declarations), it is a C API. We intend to keep future
versions reasonably backwards-compatible in terms of the C API and
ABI, but that doesn't necessarily apply to C++ if you do something
"interesting". In practical terms, I suggest you avoid depending on
the specific type definitions used for GSSAPI types -- that is, avoid
depending on whether we use int vs long for a given 32-bit type if
both are 32 bits, don't use GSSAPI types in function signatures in
your ABI (because the name encoding would depend on the typedef),
stuff like that.

> I would also appreciate if there is a working example on c++, on the
> internet I have seen the GSSAPi programming guide written in c.

Sorry, I can't help you there...