I'm having problems with Kerberos Extras in Leopard.

1. When installing Kerberos Extras the alias to
/System/Library/CoreSevices/Kerboros is not created.

2. When using a CFM-application (Mulberry) I get an error
message "NO AUTHENTICATE GSSAPI failed" when trying to
log in to the mail server. It works on pre Leopard

Another strange thing. The installer installs two objects
in /System/Library/CFMSupport. One file called Kerberos
and a bundle called KerberosCFMSupport.pkg. The strange
thing is that KerberosCFMSupport.pkg only contains three
empty directorys.

Have anyone else had any luck with Kerberos Extras and
Leopard or have I done something wrong here?

Thank You in advance!

┼ke Holmlund
Dept of Informatics
Umeň University