Hii List,

I have a doubt regarding th DNS lookup.
We are using xyz.com domain
Should the machine on which we installed and configured kerberos be able
to resolve the domain which we have mentioned while configuring the
kerberos 5(ie xyz.com)?
(our master is kerbero.xyz.com as given in the install guide)
(Our kerberos server is already a part of some other domain as output of
nslookup is giving some other domain and it is a client of other DNS )
One more doubt is that should we add the kerberos.xyz.com to /etc/hosts?
If so,what if there is already an entry for the same machine in

Please clarify the above issues to me(even if they are meaningless..)

I reached until the above doubt because our kinit is not working.......
Our kadmin and krb5kdc are running fine.

when I give:
[root@as3 krb5kdc]# kinit padma/admin

kinit(v5): Resource temporarily unavailable while getting initial

What does that mean?
please help me asap....

Thanx to all
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