I am very new to Kerberos authentication and am having problems with getting
a ticket for a users on multiple AD Realms.
The client OS is OS X 10.4.x and using LDAP Mappings and /etc/authorization
for kerb ticket at login window.

The user names are like this:

This is what my edu.mit.kerberos file looks like:

default_realm = DOM1.WIN

DOM1.WIN = {
admin_server = server1.dom1.win.:749
kdc = server1.dom1.win.:88
DOM2.WIN = {
admin_server = server1.dom2.win.:749
kdc = server1.dom2.win.:88

The first thing is that I don't believe @DOM1 is mapping to the DOM1.WIN and
it just defaults to DOM1.WIN in the edu.mit.kerberos file. As a consequence
this user (firstname.lastname@DOM1) gets a ticket.
So when firstname.lastname@DOM2 try's it cant resolve to DOM2 to it defaults
to DOM1.WIN in the edu.mit.kerberos file and fails to get a ticket

Does anyone have any ideas on the way forward here? I am really stuck!

Any help would be much appreciated!

Ben W Young
Technology Services Administrator

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