Hello dear Kerberizers,

I just finished writing some kind of "guide" (I would rather call it a
how-to) about MIT Kerberos, and I would like to have some constructive
comments about it, in order to improve it further, and correct some
mistakes you may find in it.

As I am no native speaker, and, in essence, a complete beginner in
writing such documentation, please be patient with me. Just don't flame
me right from the start

Its content can be basically divided into three parts:
- first one describes briefly Kerberos 5 protocol, with some home made
pictures to illustrate it,
- second part explain and show a MIT Kerberos (1.5.1 version)
installation, with some tips,
- third (and consequently, the biggest) part deals with Kerberos
interaction with some commonly found services, like Apache and browsers,
ssh, postgresql, the like.

One of the reason I wrote such an article was to summarize all the
information I could gather during my adventures with Kerberos. While
struggling to deploy a Kerberos LAN in my university (as student), I was
making some notes when diving deeper and deeper in this complex
protocol, in case it could help beginners.

I know that some parts of it are redundant with lengthy FAQs like
.. Anyway, I think it could help in other areas, especially for using and
configuring services with Kerberos, as it was the most difficult part of
this work.

You will find it at these addresses below (both links are exactly the same).


Thanking you in advance for your help and patience,

Best regards

Jean-Yves Migeon
4e annee - ESPCI - www.espci.fr