Thank you for the info !

What do you mean by saying "when building Kerberos named something like
updates database" ?
Did you test this feature ?


Ido Levy

Kenneth Grady

15/01/2008 16:57 Ido Levy/Haifa/IBM@IBMIL
Re: How to lock/unlock the user

It's an undocumented feature that you need to specify when building
Kerberos named something like updates database. And the "kadmin modprinc
(+-)allow_tix principal@realm" allows you to enable/disable the account.
I believe the number of failed attempts before blacklisting is kept in
the kdc.conf file.

Ido Levy wrote:
> Hello All,
> Is there a way to lock the user principal in case of unsuccessful

logins ?
> If yes what is the way to unlock the user ?
> When issuing getprinc one of the fields is "Failed password attempts:"
> Is there a way to use this field ?
> Is this mechanism relates to Kerberos or to LDAP ?
> Thanks,
> Ido Levy
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