"Douglas E. Engert" writes:

> OK that works too. But I thought the main problem as stated in the note
> was that the rpc.gssd could not read the environment of the process, and
> thus alway defaulted to using the default ticket cache.
> This is the same set if issues I have with Nico about session vs user
> based caches.

Asking that a daemon be able to read the environment of unrelated
processes is asking for quite a bit. The design maybe isn't the best, but
it's one of the simplest. We used various things at Stanford in the past
that had a similar design. It's a hack, but it's much easier to implement
than many of the other solutions. Without that, you end up wanting
per-user daemons, which gets more annoying.

Russ Allbery (rra@stanford.edu)