I am trying to set up SSO in a Linux environment which has the following
components up and running:

Kerberos 5
Kerberized NFSv4 ( security flavor krb5 )

When using ssh everything works fine, tickets ( for both user and nfs ) are
forward and when the user login to a machine both tickets are set.
Unfortunately when using telnet/rlogin/rsh ( the ones that shipped with
krb5-workstation ) the user login to the machine
but fails to cd to his home directory which is automounted using kerberized
( kerberos 5 ) NFSv4.
When issuing 'klist -5' just the user principal is presented and not the
NFS principal.

Does anyone successfully set SSO with telnet/rlogin/rsh in a kerberized
NFSv4 environment when using automount.


Ido Levy