Douglas E. Engert wrote:

> Richard Silverman asked how did you add the principals to AD?
> If you used the same AD account for both principals, they will use the
> same password to generate the key, and will use the same kvno.
> Thus your first problem might be the kvno is not found, in the keytab.

They keys are both kvno=3 on the AD-side and in the client's keytab.

> Are 55 and 59 the length of the message as seen by strace or an error code?

Oh.... yeah.

> I assume you ran the gss-server as root, so it could access/etc/krb5.keytab

Yes. Strace shows the gss-server process being able to open the keytab

> The uses of a single AD account for two principals with the same pasword
> is a difference.

Each Kerberos keytab entry has a 1:1 match with an AD user. Or are you
pointing out I'm supposed to be doing something different?


- Jason