Hello all,

I have two domains (xx.com) and (co.yy) two differnt domains
i have a KDC set up in (xx.com) . users are in xx.com domain.

but my servers are in (co.yy) domain.

i had set up a test scenario with a user and a server in domain (xx.com)
since KDc was setup i got ticket and was able to authenticate well using

my issue is that all my production servers are in domain (co.yy) which
doesnt have a KDC.
i want to authencticate and use the server services in that domain. setting
up KDC is not feasible in both domains for me.

1. is there any possibility or a way that i can use services from domain(
co.yy) without a KDC set up there?
2. In other words, which REALM does the my server(co.yy) belong to?
3. how can i get a keytab for my server in domain(co.yy) which doesnt have a

please help me with these critical issues.

Thanks in advance.