Can I ask why you don't want to use any 3rd party tools to implement SSO
with your SAP systems ?

Anyway, you might want to check then click
on the link provided, and watch the flash videos to see how to setup SSO
with SAP GUI.


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I'm in the process of implementing SSO for SAP systems. The systems
in the landscape include DEV-QA-PRD and some sandbox also.

We want to achieve Desktop SSO so that users are not asked to re-enter
access credentials (password, username). Once an user signs in one of
the systems in the landscape, he can access other systems listed in SAP
logon pad (within the landscape) with other systems.

We are also not interested to use any 3rd party tools

Can someone give pointers and detailed process steps as how this can
be achieved by using SP-NEGO and Kerberos in SAP systems running under
Solaris 10 with Windows clients. Note that all the clients are in MS-

At the moment, we have MS-LDAP where users are being maintained for

Warm regards

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