On Dec 15, 2007, at 02:09, Jyotishmaan wrote:
> Hello Xiao,
> Can you please tell me in LDAP autentication of the users logging
> in to the
> server, is it necessary to enable sasl mechanism or tls ??
> Is it necessary to change the lines in /etc/ldap.conf file ?


Why do you keep sending LDAP questions to the Kerberos mailing list?
I've said before, this isn't the place for LDAP questions. LDAP and
Kerberos are different technologies. And if you insist on trying to
get LDAP answers from specific people posting questions about
Kerberos (and giving no indication that they know anything about
LDAP), posting to the Kerberos list is still not the right way to do

Please stop, and find a more suitable place for LDAP or ssh questions.