I'm trying to hire a intermediate/senior c programmer to do work on
kerberos with Steve Simmons.Additionally, some Sys. Admin, debugging and
diagnostic work would be ideal (although that's a secondary criteria). There
will be a diverse number of ongoing projects after the inital work is done as

The job posting is $40k-$80k and is based in Ann Arbor at UofM. You can
direct any questions to me.
Below are directions to find the job on theUofM website.

Please let me know if you know of anyone you think might be interested or
pass this on to them directly. Thanks for your time.

-- Andrew


Go to:
(authenticate or select "external candidtes & temporary Staff Job Search")
Select "keyword search"
enter ITCS under Keywords for Job Search
select job # 12717

If you have issues or problems don't hesitate to contact me (ainman@umich.edu).