We are running kerberos server that use LDAP as his DB.
Until today everything works fine but suddenly user creation failed as you
can see in the following example:

kadmin.local: addprinc -randkey user40
NOTICE: no policy specified for user40@REALM
assigning "default". Note that policy may be overridden by
ACL restrictions.
Unable to randomize key for "user40@REALM"
Status 0x29c250c - Principal does not exist.

kadmin.local: getprinc user40
Unable to retrieve principal "user40@REALM"
Status 0x29c250c - Principal does not exist.

The error message we get in kadmin.log file is:

local6:err|error kadmin.local[782428]: LDAP:
/blddir/krb514/src/plugins/ldap/ira_entry.c(193), 32: LDAP_NO_SUCH_OBJECT

If you did encounter similar problem any advice/direction in how to
isolate/find/understand where is the problem would be appreciated.

Thank You !!

Ido Levy