Has anyone come across an issue where you cannot authenticate using the
Kerberos.app (or kinit) with an AD account with a different name for the UPN
and SAM? The SAM will authenticate but not the UPN? If the UPN and the SAM
are the same it authenticates. Hope I explained my self ok...?

Trying to authenticate as "bob.jackson"
UPN: bob.jackson@test
SAM: bjackson
.....Doesn't work

Trying to authenticate as "bjackson"
UPN: bob.jackson@test
SAM: bjackson

If I change the SAM account to the UPN bob.jackson it works?

Any ideas..i am completely stumped and wasted to much time trying to figure
it out.

Also, why cant I authenticate with the true UPN name: bob.jacskson@test?

Is it something I have to change in the edu.mit.kerberos file? See below
default_realm = TEST.DOMAIN.WIN
dns_fallback = no

kdc = testdc.test.domain.win.:88
admin_server = testdc.test.domain.win.

Thanks for any tips,

Ben W Young

Technology Services Administrator
DET NSW - Northern Sydney Region

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