Hi everyone!

KDM is just drivin' me mad. Problem looks like this:
When I'm in a text mode tty I can enter incorrect login/password 3
times, than tty hangs, but it's all right. When I'm trying to login
with KDM I can enter incorrect login/password for 1 time only. When
I'm trying to log in after entering incorrect login/pass it shows just
an active mouse cursor, and KDM background. I've been hacking it three
days but got no result. It seems to me that problem may be in PAM
files. Here is what systems writes in xconsole

Apr 24 20:57:13 tux1 kdm: :0[2912]: PAM No prelude alert sent
Apr 24 20:57:14 tux1 kdm: :0[2912]: pam_unix(xdm:session): session
opened for user redbyte by (uid=0)

and it hangs.

Help, someone =))


Kirill "REDbyte" Novikov