Can anyone tell me how to affect the default settings for the kicker
clock applet? E.g. when I add an instance of the clock applet it
always defaults to LCD look, black digits, etc and I want to it
default to plain look and a different colour. Or is there some load
the clock applet with specified settings?

The reason I'm looking at this is is I run kicker with transparency.
If I set the wallpaper to slideshow with a variety of wallpapers then
the clock sometimes gets lost in the wallpaper. I'm thinking it
should, in theory, be possible to write something which detects the
wallpaper having changed then alter the clock colour accordingly to
something that contrasts with the wallpaper(*) There's a reconfigure()
function in the clock applet's DCOP interface but unfortunately if I
re-write the config file then call reconfigure() it doesn't actually
re-read the configuration file. I can restart the whole kicker via
dcop but that's rather drastic, messy, and screws up Azureus' systray
icon. I can easily remove then re-add the clock applet in the same
location on the kicker using dcop, which causes abarely noticeable
flicker, but doing so looses the configuration settings.



(*) yes, I need a way to get the relevant wallpaper colour,
imagemagick seems to the answer there.