I use Linux (right now SuSE 10.0, KDE 3.5.4) on my desktop for many years,
but I had to get a Pocket PC recently (an HTC Wizard with WLAN) for my

How can I transfer my addresses that I use with Linux (kmail, PIM) to my
Pocket PC? I have a Windows 2000 installed on another Desktop (if I would
need this as a tool - I use it for Active Sync ...).

Is it possible to use a similar tool like Active Sync with KDE yet?

Or is it possible to import the PIM addresses via file to Pocket Outlook (I
need telephone numbers and eMail-addresses as well)?

Or do I have to export addresses into Outlook on a desktop and then use
Active Sync?

I did search via google a lot, but these results did not help me ...