Back in February I asked a question that was answered by Thomas
Overgaard. I wasn't able to try out his suggestion, as Kmail had for
some reason begun crashing. I recently installed the latest KDE FreeBSD
port, however, and Kmail now works beautifully:

> Chris Menzel wrote :

> > Is there any way to remove this last little inconsistency from this
> > fine piece of software (short of hacking the source) and have Ctrl-b
> > play its rightful role (for emacs users) of moving the cursor one
> > character to the left?

> In Kmails composer go to "Settings"|"Configure Shortcuts" and remove or
> change the shortcut for *Bold*.
> Next start the "Control Center" and go to "Regional & Accessibility" |
> "Keyboard Shortcuts" and in the "Application Shortcuts" pane change the
> shortcut for "Back" to + in the Navigation section.

Looking at "Configure Shortcuts" when the Composer window is up is the
key here; I'd only looked at that menu option for Kmail's main window.
This works exactly as I'd hope. Thank you, Thomas!

Chris Menzel