I'm using use 9.3 with updated KDE to 3.5.0, I updated by Yast. Now I would
like to update using konstruct and I don't get following from the README:
it says:
After installation
After installation you have to set some variables allowing your system to
KDE binaries and libraries and KDE to allow to find its own files, for Bash:

export QTDIR=~/kde3.5.2
export KDEDIR=~/kde3.5.2
export KDEDIRS=~/kde3.5.2

export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=~/kde3.5.2/lib
export PATH=~/kde3.5.2/bin:$PATH

Setting KDEHOME too, e.g. "export KDEHOME=~/.kdetest", will tell KDE to save
your settings to this directory and leave default ~/.kde directory

On shadow password systems you have to set $(prefix)/bin/kcheckpass SUID
or SGID shadow - otherwise you will not be able to unlock a locked desktop.

The complete KDE desktop is started with "startkde", most distributions
it if you set it to the WINDOWMANAGER variable in your shell
Ook, I wanna keep my old installation as long as I'm not 100% sure that the
new version is as good or even better... so before I'm gonna export my
paths, I wanna save them so i made following:
reg@linux:~> echo $QTDIR
reg@linux:~> echo $KDEDIR

reg@linux:~> echo $KDEDIRS

reg@linux:~> echo $LD_LIBRARY_PATH

reg@linux:~> echo $PATH
reg@linux:~> echo $KDEHOME


but why is there no path for KDEDIR, KDEDIRS and LD_LIBRARY+PATH set now?
can i just go back by typing export QTDIR={oldpath}? should it work that
How can I go back? Thank you!

chEErs roN

I'm root, I'm allowed to do this!
keep on rockin'