Innuendo wrote:
> J.O. Aho wrote:
>> Innuendo wrote:
>>>> i've mandriva 2006 official upgraded to kde's strange!
>>> and more: i've installed a theme (from kde-look) that enable transparency
>>> but i don't manage to enable task bar transparency for my own theme...

>> Your update is broken, it does miss files if you don't have all
>> configuration options.
>> You can edit your ~/.kde/share/config/kickerrc and add below the
>> "[General]" the following line:
>> Transparent=true
>> Make a backup of the file before you edit, easier to restore everything if
>> things goes wrong. When you have saved the changes, press
>> ctrl-alt-backspace and login again and now your panel should be
>> transparent.

> it works...for my upgrade i've follow the instructions on mandriva
> there a way to repair my kde installation???

One way is to reistall all the KDE packages once more, but as there may be a
fault in those, I would suggest you download the source RPMs for Cooker and
rebuild them (requires you have a load of devel packages installed together
with gcc/c++). It's a bit of work and time consuming, so it's not an option
for everyone.