system: Linux 2.6.11-6mdksmp #1 SMP Tue Mar 22 15:40:42 CET 2005 i686
Intel(R) Pentium(R) 4 CPU 3.40GHz unknown GNU/Linux
kde: 3.3.2 (BTW: is there a cmd line way to get this kde version info?)

I need to compile some kde kids games for my daughter. But i cant find any
thing on the CD's or even at that i can install so i have the
header files (I think thats whats missing).

Here's part of the output from ./configure
checking for KDE... libraries /usr/lib, headers /usr/include
checking for extra includes... no
checking for extra libs... no
checking for kde headers installed... configure: error: your system is not
able to compile a small KDE application!
Check, if you installed the KDE header files correctly.