I'm new to Qt and Kdevelop so please bear with me.

I started wtih Qt designer and I built my UI and DB access, and
all the underlying code for that. Now I'd like to be able to
debug it, but I'm having trouble bringing it into Kdevelop?

I used the import qmake feature of kdevelop, which created a
..kdevelop file from the .pro file. My source code is shown,
he source files are there in both the file tree and qmake manager,
and I can run the program, but when I try to set a breakpoint I get:

No source file named main.cpp.

If I try to look at a variable I get:

No symbol "xxxx" in current context.

I went to Qmake manager build mode config screen, and the
Build Mode was set to "Release". I changed it to "Debug" and
rebuilt. There was no difference - I was still not able to debug.

Then I went and looked at the Makefile. CFLAGS had -O2 and it did
not have -g. So I changed it, taking the -O2 out and adding -g.
Rebuilt again - still no change.

Just for fun I tried it with gdb. With that I was able to set
a working breakpoint at a function entry point, but if I tried
to single step from the breakpoint it ran (like a continue):

(gdb) n
Single stepping until exit from function _ZN14TestForm7mainEv,
which has no line number information.

I still couldn't look at variables, and if I tried to look
at source it said:

(gdb) list
1 in ../sysdeps/i386/elf/start.S

I know Qt and Kdevelop work together - it shouldn't be this hard.
Where am I going wrong?