I have two machines running korganizer. Each machine has a local
(iCalendar) schedule file, which it uploads every evening to a remote
web server using FTP (using script executed by crontab). Each machine
is also configured to load the other machine's schedule from that web
server as a remote resource.

This works, except the only time korganizer actually loads the remote
resource is when it starts, regardless of whether I tick off "always",
"daily" or "at startup".

One of these machines is a sort of kitchen "information appliance",
which has korganizer running 24/7, so manually restarting is not a good
solution. With crontab I tried scheduling tasks to kill and restart
korganizer during the wee hours of the morning, with the result that
*something* is running when I look in the morning, but there is no
visible UI. When I use the same stop/start scripts from a console it
works fine, but via crontab something just isn't clicking.


What can I do to have the remote resource load more often?

There is remote resource "upload" path. How is that supposed to work?
It can't upload via the URL that I use for downloading and the server
doesn't support anonymous ftp. What is one supposed to do with this?