Larry I Smith wrote:
> mjt wrote:
>> (Larry I Smith ) scribbled:
>>>> .... as we say in Texas, "He's got a big hole in his screen door."
>>>> mtobler@stimpy:~> whois
>>>> descr: Asia Pacific Network Information Center, Pty. Ltd.

>>> There's no network activity, and I'm behind 2 firewalls
>>> (one hardware and one software).
>>> Since this IP ALWAYS shows as the X IP for the currently
>>> logged on user, and moves from user to user as I log off
>>> then log on as a different user (via kdm), I'm thinking
>>> that it is some kind of pseudo IP used by either X or KDE.
>>> If I've been 'invaded', how do I tell, and what can I
>>> do about it?

>> [snip]

> I ran both tools. Neither tool found anything.
> I'm stumped...
> Regards,
> Larry

Hmm, I did this:

1) shutdown linux and power-off the pc
3) turn off the DSL modem
4) power-on pc
5) waited for the 'kdm' GUI logon screen
6) started a terminal as root (ctrl-alt-f2)
7) from the terminal 'last -di' shows NO IP connections
8) switch back to kdm screen and logon as 'user1'
9) switch back to the terminal and run 'last -di'
10) 'last -di' now shows a 'still logged in' entry

user1 pts/1 Thu Mar 17 12:18 still logged in
user1 pts/0 Thu Mar 17 12:07 still logged in
user1 :0 Thu Mar 17 12:07 still logged in

This can not be correct. The DSL modem is turned off, and there
are no other machines on this (home) network.

Notice that the IP changed from to
after the power off/on cycle.

Surely this is either a bug in 'last' -or- there is some kind
of 'magic' IP manipulation going on in either X or KDE????


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