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andy753421 links to today's announcement of the official release of KDE 3.4,
and writes "Several KDE 3.4 based distributions such as ArkLinux and
Kubuntu are soon to follow. Features in the release include built in Text
to Speech, a revamped trash system, enhanced PDF support and PC to PC
synchronization, as well as a new theme. KDE 3.4 weights in at 6,500+ bug
fixes, 1,700+ enhancements, and a grand total of 80,000+ contributions."
Reader gotr00t adds a link to the KDE download mirror page . Update: 03/16
20:58 GMT by T: mrevell points out an interview with KDE hacker Aaron Seigo
in the latest LugRadio, in which Seigo "dispels various myths about KDE and
talks about the desktop environment's future."