On Tue, 23 Nov 2004 22:20:16 -0500, Andrew Schulman

>> I may not have described the problem accurately. Suppose I have a
>> directory containing only these files:
>> header.c
>> header.h
>> header.txt
>> If I am in that directory, and type "more he" and then hit TAB, you'd
>> expect my command line to then look like:
>> $ more header._
>> ...where the _ is my cursor. But it doesn't do this. Instead, nothing
>> happens. If I hit TAB again, then it will do what I expected it to do
>> the first time, i.e. "more header._" . Why?
>> Another interesting thing is that if I use a regular xterm instead of
>> konsole, I have no problems whatsoever. Still another interesting
>> thing is that if I use konsole but tell bash not to autocomplete, the
>> problem goes away, and I still get autocompletion. If bash isn't
>> autocompleting, konsole must be?

>Hm, now I see. Yes, I agree, that's strange and undesirable behavior and it
>does seem like konsole's fault.
>Have you tried moving aside ~/.kde/share/apps/konsole and
>~/.kde/share/config/konsolerc ? Of course exit konsole before you do this.
>If that solves it, then if you care you could dig around in those files,
>looking for the setting that tells konsole to autocomplete.
>Whenever I upgrade to a new point-release of KDE, I always move aside my
>whole ~/.kde. It makes extra work to recreate my settings, but I find that
>it eliminates some problems that are hard to track down, and also allows me
>to see any new features that might be inadvertently hidden by my old
>Good luck,

I started fooling with this after reading your post
because I didn't like the bell or the completion action either.

From the man page:
Readline is customized by putting commands in an initialization file
(the inputrc file). The name of this file is taken from the
value of the INPUTRC environment variable. If that variable is unset,
the default is ~/.inputrc.

So don't use ~/.inputrc if the INPUTRC environment is set to something
I tried making an ~/.inputrc but that didn't work for me because I
have an INPUTRC in the environment. For my single user workstation
that works better.

Here are two changes in /etc/inputrc you will like:
set show-all-if-ambiguous on # default is off
set completion-ignore-case-on # default is off

That fixed me right up in both xterm (Kterm) and console.
Life is better now.

Larry Alkoff