I placed KDE v3.3.1's KPPP icon on my desktop. I also configured it to
ask for my root password since it requires root to use it. Once I
successfully connect to my ISP, I notice my desktop icons and background
wallpaper start disappearing to blackness. If I disconnect my dial-up
modem connection, then I get "kdeinit could not launch 'kdesu'" error.
After hitting the button, then my icons and wallpaper come back. That
was odd!

I tried running KPPP in KDE's terminal with su command to run it. I have
none of these problems. Why can't I use the desktop icon shortcut with
"Run as a different user: username -- root" without these problems? Is
this a bug?

Please note that I am still considered a newbie with Linux world. Thank
you in advance.
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