I have a dual boot system, and use mostly Fedora.
However, KDE is significantly faster on SUSE 9.2 (3.3.2) than FC3 (3.3.1).

FC4 is using 3.3.2, and may show the same speed (initialisation and
shutdown) as SUSE 9.2. I have not used it yet, and may wait a bit.

Also QT4 (due summer 05) promise to be much faster, so will be KDE.

I would like here to express the wish that for dual boot systems creating
a soft link for ~/.kde would enable all the kde applications for all Linux
partitions: this is close but not fully the case.
Indeed users should have the same UID but this is no sweat if you know.
Ideally the same partition for the home directory could be used, but as of
today this is not very practical, because each distro like to have its own
config files. Indeed config files could be "personalized" within the same
home directory, or even better have multiple sections (Mandrake, SuSe,
Redhat, Debian, Ubuntu etc...).

Note on kmail:
I wish I could easily switch (forth and back) from kmail to thunderbird
and use the same Mailbox.
This is almost the case and this could help:
1) kmail use mbox as folder default instead of mdir.
2) kmail should be able to just ignore the index files created by
Thunderbird. Of course the Mozilla team could work with the KDE team.
In my view a very simple solution would be for Thunderbird to start the
name of the index files with a "." to make them "hidden".
Comment please.

- AFC3 -