To start off, I have to say that I'm a newbie, so please forgive me. I'm
trying to push myself to learn the in's and out's of Linux. I'm currently
running Mandrake 10.1, and just for grin, I'm trying to get the new KDE 3.4
beta running. I was able to use Konstruct to successfully compile 3.4 in
my /home directory (I didn't want to mess up my working KDE) Now I am stuck
at what should be a simple spot. I'm having a hard time understanding
exactly how to add ~/kde3.4-beta1/bin to my PATH and ~/kde3.4-beta1 to
KDEDIRS, and I'm also having trouble figuring out exactly what I need to
edit to get another KDE entry in KDM. I've trying to read everything I can
find, but I'm not getting it. Any help, or suggested reading would be
greatly appreciated. Thanks