Jan Wielemaker wrote:

> Hi,
> I'm the main developer of XPCE, the GUI toolkit for SWI-Prolog
> (www.swi-prolog.org). After switching window manager to KDE, I see
> that new windows created from Prolog appear often (not always) behind
> the other KDE windows, behaviour I haven't seen from any other window
> manager I used before.
> Basically XPCE runs on top of Xt. It creates an non-mapped toplevel
> shell at startup and creates all normal toplevel windows as a
> PopupShell of this non-mapped shell widget. The fact that the shell
> is not mapped appears to be the cause. If I do map it (showing an
> ugly empty window), all works as expected.
> I've looked through hints, etc., but I cannot find a decent way around
> this. It must be possible to create and destroy toplevel windows,
> including the last one. Can/should I create each individual toplevel
> window using XtAppCreateShell()? Is there a window hint to prevent
> thisbehaviour?
> Thanks
> --- Jan

This may be solved by something as simple as adjusting focus-stealing
prevention under desktop/windowbehaviour/advanced tab in the kde control
centre but if not then desktop/window/specificsettings/new lets you choose
windows by application name/class/role/type and/or reg/normal expressions
so you can set it so that your windows will be topmost or placed above the
main window or about a billion combinations.

This only came in kwin in kde3.3 I think but maybe earlier.