On 3/9/2008 7:48 PM PT, Ant typed:

> I am having a crash problem with my KDE v3.5.8 crashing X to console (I
> use startx command when booting up Debian). Anyways, I think I had this
> problem for months and maybe a year, but finally figured out the pattern
> to reproduce it.
> Basically in KDE, I go to virtual desktop 2, 3, or 4 (I have four set
> up). If I press ctrl-alt-F1 (or any other console screens) keys to go
> back to console/text mode, then KDE and X crash. I can reproduce this
> easily. If I am in virtual desktop #1, then no crash.
> I have two logs from X: http://pastebin.ca/936064 and I hope these help!
> Any ideas on what's the problem and how to fix it? Thank you in advance.

I tried disabling the default shortcut keys for virtual desktop (pager).
and I was still able to reproduce the crashes. I also tried
recompiling NVIDIA's latest driver, rebooting, etc.

OK, my other old Linux account works (last used in late 2007) on my
Debian box and it had no problems (couldn't reproduce the crash). So I
went back to my normal account with the crash problem. I renamed .kde/
to another one and reran startx to let KDE to make new settings (skipped
the wizard). I was unable to reproduce the problem.

So we're closer to the problem source. I don't feel like reconfiguring
my KDE at the moment. Are there anything I can look at? Maybe
configurations in my .kde/?
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