Im new to Kdevelop. Im trying to figure out where the gdb commands
come from when I launch gdb from kdevelop. Ive inherited this project
a former employee and it seems that not only when gdb starts to run it
excecutes a bunch of things, but the program Im trying to debug
and then it excecutes a bunch of other commands and finally stops and
I cannot figure out where all these commands (both before startup and
after crash) are coming from?

Secondarily, I want to add 3 commands to gdb before my program
starts excuting. Where do I add them? Or How do I add them so it
automatically starts up with those already executed? They are:

handle SIG64 nopass
handle SIG64 noprint
handle SIG64 nostop

Ive read the KDevelop manual and googled and cant seem to find these
answers so far.

Thanks for your help