System details: Samsung Q45, Intel graphics card, Mandriva Linux 2008
i586, KDE 3.5, dual boot with MS Windows Vista.

Problem: After running reasonably trouble-free since October 2007,
with the proviso that none of the ACPI functions or the suspend
functions worked reliably or at all, I updated to the latest version
of Samsung's BIOS. Rebooting in Linux with acpi=on, I was delighted to
discover that all the ACPI and other powersave-related functions now

However, after having had to reboot for unrelated reasons, I noted
that the ACPI was no longer working, presumably because I'd neglected
to specify it "on" permanently. Having changed this from the Mandriva
admin console, I restarted.

Instant trouble; first the system hung during boot at the start up of
the Conexant modem, then at the start up of fgrlx. Eventually it began
booting successfully to the login splash screen, but then KDE hangs
apparently irrevocably after "Initialising system services".

The console functions as normal, as does IceWM. The problem appears to
be related to a bug that the various Debian lists have been discussing
under which ksmserver fails to attach to the X server.