On Wednesday 05 April 2006 06:52, Pavel Troller wrote:
> bluetooth/phone-device-class and bluetooth/misc-device-class.
> =A0 I've tried to replace the above with generic "inode/directory" in cre=

ateDirEntry(). It
> solved the Open with: problem, but all the items were of course shown as =

folders; normally
> they are shown either as a phone handset or as the bluetooth symbol.
> =A0 I've also proactively looked at another .desktop files (for example, =

in "media" directory)
> and I've found a line there saying "X-KDE-IsAlso=3Dinode/directory".

OK that's obviously needed otherwise konq has no idea what to open those it=
ems with, obviously.
[It might have worked long ago when we only checked S_IFDIR though].

> Do you think that this is really necessary, when the "X-KDE-IsAlso" tri=

ck works ? =

I think this ioslave will display in a broken way in tree views (either the=
sidebar treeview
or the treeview in a main konqueror view), but I understand if you don't wa=
nt to make major
code changes to that ioslave when it works in more usual view modes, and pr=
efer leaving that
to someone else.

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