> > I've verified that
> > 1) addAtom is correctly called in the slave several times, setting all the
> > above and much more (I've corrected inode/folder to inode/directory, but it
> > has no effect at all), when creating the directory.
> >From stat(), right? We're not talking about listDir() at this point.

Yes, exactly.
> > 2) iteration loop in krun.cpp, starting around line 1071, is not executed even
> > once, i.e. the list comes empty to it. It explains why the assert occurs.
> > I cannot explain, why the stat() results are not transferred correctly, sorry.
> > Is anybody willing to help me ?

> OK so this is about kdelibs-3, not kdelibs-4. This lowers the chances of a bug in krun considerably...
> Does the slave actually call statEntry() from stat(), with the uds entry?

Doesn't seem so. It calls its own function createDirEntry(), which creates
the uds entry and fills it with the values.
> Where's the code for that ioslave? extragear?

Yes, it's in kdeextragear-pim, in
With regards, Pavel Troller
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