On Tuesday 04 April 2006 17:04, Eduard Bachmakov wrote:
> I just don't understand why it doesn't work...
> Here's the output:
> kdedev@linuxmachine:~/src/kde$ ls
> arts kdebase kdelibs-build kdesupport l10n qt-copy
> build kdelibs kdenonbeta kdewebdev log successfully-built
> kdedev@linuxmachine:~/src/kde$ cd kdelibs-build
> kdedev@linuxmachine:~/src/kde/kdelibs-build$ cmake ../kdelibs
> kdelibs requires an out of source build. Please create a separate build
> directory and run 'cmake path_to_kdelibs [options]' there.

You probably need to remove CMakeCache.txt from kdelibs; otherwise
launching cmake from elsewhere still launches cmake in the srcdir like before.

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