Hi David!
> On Monday 03 April 2006 21:41, Pavel Troller wrote:
> > =A0 What to do next ? Is it necessary to write a real get(), or could i=

t be
> > possible to omit its call for kio_bluetooth, as it used to be ?

> =

> I'm guessing that it implements copy()? And it has copyToFile=3Dtrue in t=

he .protocol?
No. The only attributes (excluding Description) in its .protocol are:
> And that you used to copy to file:/ previously, but nowadays you're copyi=

ng to other =

> protocols instead, like system:/ or media:/ ?
> This would explain it. Otherwise my crystal ball is deficient

I'm afraid that I didn't understand you fully.
kio_bluetooth is something like a "meta-slave". There are no real files in =
There are only objects pointing to other slaves, mostly sdp:/, describing y=
local and remote bluetooth devices. They have a nature of a directory, i.e.
they can be opened and then another objects appear in them, but this is han=
by a different slave (sdp:/). So I think there is not possible to copy anyt=
"real" into/from this bluetooth:/ pseudo-directory. I didn't find copy() =

implementation at all, and get() is just the stub which was not supposed to=

> =

> To explain this: get() is used to read a file, except when the slave impl=

ements copy()
> and we're copying to file:/, then instead of shipping the data back to th=

e app, the slave
> is in charge of directly writing it out into a file. So get isn't called =

in that case.
> But in most other cases - copying to other protocols, or if copy() isn't =

> then get() is the -only- way to get the data. Sounds to me like it should=

be implemented...
> or is bluetooth:/ not about reading files somehow?

I think that really, bluetooth:/ is just about accessing BT devices opening
a "virtual directory". There are really no files in it. By modifying the de=
call, I've found that konq is now trying to get() all the initial
URL "bluetooth:/", which is definitely not a file. I think that stat() woul=
d be
much more appropriate, and then listDir().
With regards, Pavel Troller

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