> Pavel Troller wrote:
> >=A0 Immediately after the slave started, the dialog with "Malformed URL"
> >appeared in konq. However, the slave continued to run and when
> > Ctrl-C'ed, it showed it's idling in its KIO:SlaveBaseispatchLoop().
> > There were no messages output by the slave.

> =

> You probably want to set a breakpoint in stat() or listDir() or get() (or =

> all three) to catch the Konqueror request.
> =

many thanks to all of you, I've made a substantial progress!
Now I know, why it doesn't work:
bluetooth slave doesn't implement get() at all! All the implementaion
consists of

void KioBluetooth::get(const KURL &/*url*/)
kdDebug() << "kio_bluetooth: get() was called! This is nonsense." << en=
dl ;
error(KIO::ERR_IS_DIRECTORY, QString::null);

After checking debug class 0 and putting breakpoints to all of the functi=
I've got the result by two ways simultaneously :-).

But... It WORKED formerly! It still works on KDE3.5.1, installed on my
notebook. It was not a dream, it was a reality :-). According to svn log,
kiobluetooth.cpp was not touched since the package was created in SVN. So
probably, there was a recent change in kioslave handling, which caused that
now get() is being used and formerly it probably wasn't.
What to do next ? Is it necessary to write a real get(), or could it be
possible to omit its call for kio_bluetooth, as it used to be ? =

With regards, Pavel Troller

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